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 Part One: Student Approval Form 

  • Fill out Part One and obtain necessary Parent/Guardian Signatures before you begin writing your Research Plan or Project Summary(information below).

Part Two: Project Information Form 

  • Fill out the top portion of Part Two and sign after reading the RRSEF ethics statement. Attach your Research Plan or Project Summary (information below) and obtain your teacher’s signature.

Research Plan or Project Summary

A research plan or a project summary must be completed before you begin data collection. Students should follow the provided Research Plan and Project Summary Guidelines that are drawn from requirements for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Some students may be completing a research plan as part of their regular schoolwork. 

If your project involves Human Subjects, Vertebrate Animals, or Potential Hazards (materials, biological agents, devices, activities) – include answers to Additional Risk and Safety Questions (page two of the Research Plan or Project Summary guidelines). You will likely need to attend a Scientific Review Committee Meeting.

  • Attend a Scientific Review Committee (SRC) Meeting if advised to do so by your teacher or the ISEF Rules Wizard and obtain the signature of the SRC Chair.

Part Three: Official Abstract and Final Certification

  • Write a 250-word (or less) abstract that discusses your research process, findings, and conclusions after you have completed your experimentation and/or data collection
  • Select a category for your project – knowing that RRSEF reserves the right to condense categories based on the number of projects it receives for the Fair. 
  • Affirm that your abstract reflects one year of your (or your team’s) research work.

    Post-Project Summary
    If you made changes to your Research Plan or Project Summary through the course of experimentation, write a Post-Project Summary to attach to your initial plan or summary.

  • Obtain the signature of your teacher after completing the form.

Part Four: Fair Registration

  • Make copies of ALL of your RRSEF paperwork and keep them in a Project Notebook.
  • Visit the Community Education website to register for the RRSEF.
  • On or before Friday, January 11, 2019, mail or bring the original copies of your paperwork to the Community Education Office at 201 8th Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901.
  • Your paperwork will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee Chair before the Fair begins. Watch your email – then SRC Chair may have questions about your paperwork.


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